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Seerah Circle


All praise and gratitude belongs to Allāh who expands the hearts with His remembrance and the remembrance of His beloved, the resplendent Messenger. May Allāh send His choicest salutations and peace upon His chosen servant, Muḥammad, his purified family, his truthful, faithful and successful companions, and those who follow and adopt their way. 

The Seerah Circle begins with the recitation of Ad-Diya’ al-Lami', which is a poem celebrating the birth of RasulAllah ﷺ by the esteemed scholar and spiritual leader, ʿAllamah Habib ʿUmar bin Hafiz. The poem mention the birth, life and attributes of the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ – and also contain supplications to Allāh, the Real, exalted is He.

Following this, the Shaykh will provide commentary on the famous composition 'Qasidah Muhammadiya' by the renowned Imam Busiri, may Allah be please with him.

The session is then concluded with a dua.

Facilities and light refreshments are provided for both brothers and sisters.


Every Thursday 8-9pm.


Ad-Diya’ al-Lamiʿ* (30 mins)
Qasidah Muhammadiya (20 mins)
Dua (10 mins)

(The Ad-Diya’ al-Lamiʿ will be recited in congregation).

 *Shaykh Dr Khurram Hassan will usually lead this.

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Muslims in Britain

According to Islamic law (Shari’ah), it is necessary for Muslims living in a non-Muslim land, such as Britain, to be honest, upright and just. Specifically, it is completely forbidden for a Muslim who is living under the security of the non-Muslim state to engage in any form of violence or terrorism against his non-Muslim neighbours, as has been stated very clearly in the famous classical manual of Islamic law, ‘ The Hidayah.

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