The Hā Meem College Arabic syllabus is a complete Arabic programme that takes the beginner student to a high level of proficiency in the subject. The course is divided into 12 levels, each level lasting one term. Students must pass the current level of study to proceed to the next level. A student may repeat a level as many times as they wish.

Each level consists of 12 lessons (inc exam) each, along with a 10 mins break. Homework will be set every week consisting of exercises, vocabulary memorisation and, at times, preparation for oral presentations.


Levels 1 - 9 (3 Year Course):

Students will cover the textbook 'A New Arabic Grammar of the Written Language' (John A.Haywood) which has been developed especially for the teaching of Arabic to English-speaking students. You will have learned vocabulary of over 4,000 words by the end of Level 9.

This textbook is used in some of the leading universities in the English-speaking world to teach both Formal Arabic (fuṣḥā) and Colloquial Arabic. The emphasis in the Hā Meem College course will be mainly on the Formal Arabic part of the text with an increasing focus in the later levels on the Classical Arabic of the Quran.

Apart from selections from the Qur'an, fables, stories, newspaper extracts, advertisements and letters, additional material in the form of extracts from classical and modern Arabic writings and proverbs is included. Appendix A provides a useful introduction to the main colloquial Arabic dialects, Appendix B, a useful reading guide, and Appendix C, further grammatical information not supplied in the first edition.

Students who successfully complete Levels 1-9 will generally reach a competency level equivalent to a degree level. This course is offered at a significant discount in comparison to studying at a university.

ie, University fees £9,000pa x 3 year = £27,000 | Ha Meem College fees £120 x 9 (3 years) = £1,180


Levels 10 - 12 (1 Year Advance Course):

Students here will build upon the level of proficiency in Arabic language that they have acquired through successful completion of earlier levels. The schedule of study will move the focus onto Advanced competency in Classical Arabic, the language of the Quran.

The programme begins (Level 10) with a comprehensive review of Arabic grammar (nahu) and etymology (sarf) which students are helped to memorise and put into practise.

In Levels 11 and 12, students undertake a robust and structured study of the Quran and selections from various classical texts, such as in the field of Fiqh, Theology and Islamic Psychology. Each lesson will guide students to widen their vocabulary base, with particular emphasis on Quranic and classical Islamic terms, consolidate grammar and etymology rules through drills, and develop competency to access classical texts of the Islamic tradition. Level 11 also incorporates an introduction to the science of ‘balāghah’ (rhetoric).     

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Course Aims

  • Understand importance of the Arabic language
  • Acquire basic skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing in Arabic
  • Gain a grammatical grounding in Arabic
  • Begin to develop a basic level of understanding of the Quran

Course Structure

  • Each lesson – 2 hours
  • Week 1 - 12 – Classroom learning
  • Week 12 – Exam (listening, written & oral)

Course Content

Lessons will cover the following areas:

  • The Article. The Simple Nominal Sentence
  • Gender. The Feminine
  • Declension of Nouns. The Three Cases
  • Number. The Sound Masculine and Feminine Plurals. Some Simple Verb Forms
  • The Broken Plural
  • The Broken Plural (continued)
  • Exam

Course Textbooks

  • A New Arabic Grammar of the Written Language (John A.Haywood) PDF
  • Students are advised to purchase the textbook. (Available on Amazon)

Entry Requirements

Ability to read and write basic Arabic.


Students will be presented with an Arabic Level 1 Certificate upon successful completion.

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